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Teaching your horse Postive Patterns

When in difficult, stressful or even simply new situations horses need positive patterns to fall back on to be safe and maintain their confidence. These are all the things we teach them at home.

When we go into new or difficult situations it is almost inevitable that our horses adrenaline will come up. Adrenaline is like LARGE SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS!! It magnifies everything!!! If your horse has difficulty standing still to mount, it will get even worse with adrenaline. If your horse tends to bite at things, it will get worse with adrenaline. If your horse doesn't like having his bridle on, it will get worse with adrenaline... If your horse ..... you get the idea.

This is why it’s so important to practise positive patterns at home, make the lorry/trailer a safe place to be, teach your horse how to deal with new or scary objects, how to come over to the mounting block and stand still, how to put his bridle on, how to move in walk, trot and canter with rhythm and relaxation and make these a habit at home.

None of these things will win rosettes, nor are they particularly glamorous but they don’t half make life easier!!


Lyla has been helping riders and their horses in the UK, USA and Europe for over 10 years. She has helped thousands of horses to load onto trailers and lorries including an olympic competitor getting ready to go to London 2012.

Lyla specialises in horse psychology and behaviour problems with a specific interest in dressage and has worked with horses from grass roots to Grand Prix across the UK and Europe including international competitors and Olympians from Spain, the US, Canada and the UK.

Lyla has regular teaching days in Gloucs, Wilts, Worcs, Oxon, Herts and South Wales.

See or email for more details.


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