Why Groundwork? Part 2 - Foundation Groundwork

Most horse advertisements include good to load, shoe, clip etc, all groundwork skills that have nothing to do with riding. Why? Because these are fundamental skills that make your day to day life with your horse so much easier 😇

In Why Groundwork? Part 1 I looked at the different categories of groundwork

Category 1 - Foundation Groundwork 🔤

Category 2 - Fitness & Function Groundwork 💪

Category 3 - Performance Groundwork 💃

In this blog, I’d like to look more closely at Category 1️⃣ ....

Foundation Groundwork 🔠

This is the basic communication and skills that every horse needs to be easy for everyone to handle. It includes leading, loading, farrier, vet and clipping prep as well as basic communication.

By learning to move your horse around you it gives you the basis for the other categories by teaching basic lunging and early loose schooling or liberty.

This is probably the least glamorous of the categories but the one that influences our day to day life with our horses the most.

On a daily basis you will probably need to

  • lead your horse to/from the field

  • pick out his feet

  • brush him

  • tack him up

  • lead him to the arena

  • mount him

  • deal with scary objects or situations either in the arena or out on a hack

If you have difficulty with any of these, Foundation Groundwork can teach you what to do to resolve the problem.