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One of the most Common Myths about Taking Your Horse Out

To round up this mini blog series I’m going to look at one of the most common myths about taking your horse away from home...

“Just keep doing it, it will get better” 🔄

Now the truth is - it might!! But only if your horse gets a little better each time and builds on a positive pattern of going out.

If he is storing tension or having a bad time (in his eyes) every time he goes out then it’s unlikely to get better with more repetition, if you’re lucky it won’t get any worse!

This means that the best focus for a horse learning the ropes is calmness and relaxation. The easiest way to do this is by preparing the situation well and putting you both under as little pressure as possible.

Do’s for a successful day out:-

And last but by no means least.... Do finish on a good note 😇

Horses live in the moment. They don’t plan their day out and they don’t have any idea what’s going to happen later. They respond to the situation as they see it in that moment and any previous experiences of anything similar.

They learn well by calm repetition and release. Otherwise known as “finishing on a good note”. The same goes for any new experience or task you do with your horse.

So if your horse finishes the day tense and worried then it’s very likely that you will have more tension the next time you go out. If this is the case for you (sometimes things don’t always go to plan 😉) then go back and look at the preparation. Is there anything else you can do to help him for next time? Does the loading need to be better? Do you need some different patterns for relaxation?

If he finishes the day calmly with a good feeling then you have put in a great building block to have a calm, happy horse for the next time! 👍

In conclusion, if you are well prepared and keep your horses state of mind as a top priority for your first adventures then you should be well on your way to having the kind of horse you can pop on the box and go anywhere with!

And one last tip... don’t forget to smile 😃🦄💕


Before trying any training technique it is important to rule out pain or discomfort. Saddle fit, teeth, back, hoof balance and lameness issues should all be checked by a qualified professional before applying any training.

If you have questions or need idea's to help with a specific problem feel free to get in touch with me on


Lyla has been helping riders and their horses in the UK, USA and Europe for over 15 years. She has prepared horses for crowds of over 6,000 people with no calmers or ear plugs for venues including Birmingham NEC, Aintree, Bury Farm EC and Hartpury.

Lyla specialises in horse psychology and behaviour problems with a specific interest in dressage and has worked with horses from grass roots to Grand Prix across the UK and Europe including international competitors and Olympians from Spain, the US, Canada and the UK.

See or email for more details.


All training techniques discussed are from experience only, it is impossible for to accurately advise on horse/rider combinations without seeing them live. Lyla Cansfield & Equine Mind & Body Training strongly advise anyone considering using any of the techniques discussed to get live help and can take no responsibility for the outcome of applying any of the techniques discussed without supervision. Riding is a high risk sport.


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