Rider Confidence Part 4 - Getting off!!! 😱

In the first blog in my Rider Confidence series 5 Keys to Building Your Riding Confidence I looked at some key things you can do to boost your confidence levels with your horse. One of these was the topic of last weeks blog on Why groundwork is essential to building your rider confidence and the following blog covered Don’t push yourself (or your horse) too far

This week I’d like to move on to a topic very close to my heart - Getting off!

So when should you get off? Short answer... the first moment it crosses your mind!!

Ok blog finished, I’ll go off and make a cup of tea 😆☕️

Don’t panic, I’m still here...

I think one of the biggest myths in horse riding and training is that you will teach your horse something bad if you get off. Many of us have been told ‘you mustn’t let him win!’

Win what exactly?!?! Horses simply don’t have a concept for that

Now let’s be honest, if your horse has misbehaved, you get off and you put him straight back into his stable with a bucket of carrots, you may start to teach him something you don’t want him to know. 🥕🥕🥕

BUT if you get off, resolve the problem, get the situation calm again and your horse understanding what you want then it really doesn’t matter if you’ve done this on the ground or from your horses back. It also really doesn’t matter if you get on again or not. Sometimes that’s the right thing to do and sometimes it isn’t.

So when do you get off....here are two situations where it’s wise to get off...

  1. If you are scared

  2. If you can help your horse better from the ground

Why you should get off if you're scared

It’s very difficult to be effective in any way if you are terrified, you can probably get away with being a little bit unsure but quakin