The Scared Horse - Freeze

Have you ever had a horse panic ‘as if out of nowhere’? You have no idea where that came from and how it happened? If so, then it’s quite likely that you’ve experienced the explosion 💥 that can happen after a horse freezes.

This is the one that is so easy to miss and think the horse is fine because they are not showing the typical signs that we expect from a scared horse.

When a horse freezes it’s really easy to misread that as them being absolutely fine but there are some telltale signs that can help keep you safe. These are...

💥 Head high, with solid, tense neck muscles

💥 Eyes wide and staring

💥 Shallow breathing

Of these, the one I really pay attention to is the eyes 👀 When a horse is not blinking that’s a strong sign of tension and noticing just this one thing can make such a difference.

If you have a horse that’s gone into freeze the safest thing you can do is nothing, just wait until they come out of it. When a horse goes into this state they are experiencing extreme fear and if you try to wake them up out of it they can come out with a bang 🚀

Signs that your horse is coming out of freeze are

🦄 Blinking

💞 Lowering the head and relaxing the neck

🦄 Sighing and starting to breathe normally

💞 Licking and chewing

Freeze is only one of the modes of a scared horse, check out my other blogs on Flight & Fight to learn more