What equipment do you need?

Here's 5 points to help you decide...

Talk to anyone and they will tell you that you need this tool, this bit, this bridle, saddle, lunge aid, stick or whatever to help you and your horse 😃

Now I have seen a horse completely transform just by using a different tool and I have seen other horses hate the same tool. There is no one right answer for every horse so there’s always a fair amount of trial and error to these things.

There’s so many ways to spend money with horses so before you run out and buy the latest, greatest gadget to help you, it’s worth checking what exactly the tool does and if you really need it 💰

So how to you decide whether to spend your hard earned cash or not, consider these 5 points and you shouldn’t go too far wrong 🧐

1. What do you need to train your horse to do?

2. Do you know what techniques are going to help? If not, then no tool is going to help

3. What does the tool do for you that will help?

4. Do they match? If yes, get the tool. If no, look for another option.

5. Borrow or trial it if you can!! That way you can test if it does what you want before you buy.

Here’s one I hear nearly everyday... Do I need a rope halter? In short my answer is nearly always - it depends

Firstly let’s look at what rope halter does…

A rope halter is usually made from relatively thin (approx 6mm) nylon rope, it’s carefully knotted together to fit the horse and apply pressure in certain sensitive area’s. Because it is very light it is very comfortable for the horse to wear as long as there is no pressure on it. If there is pressure on it for example from the lead rope then because it is thin, it’s not so comfortable, so it discourages the horse from leaning or pulling on it.

Most rope halters do not have any sort of pulley system on them to close down onto the horses h