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Why Contact?

The horse was never structurally designed to carry a rider. It just happened that man discovered early on that horses were great at the job and most of them pretty compliant if trained well 🦄

However, due to the horses natural structure if ridden without careful guidance on how to carry a rider, the horse will do himself damage 🤕

Contact done well provides the horse with the support he needs to balance and carry the rider in a healthy way.

‼️ Most of us are not aiming at being the next Grand Prix champion we just want our horses to have a happy & healthy ridden career for as long as possible

‼️ In this case we don’t need to worry about high level manoeuvres or fancy dressage moves 🕺

‼️ In fact we don’t even need to have an arena! 😃

We simply need to teach our horses (and ourselves) to be comfortable with contact, not scared and hiding 😟 and not using it so much for support that it’s like holding a ten ton weight up!! 🏋️‍♀️


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